An Endless Sporadic, Still Unsigned

12 01 2009

Despite having been featured in both Guitar Hero III and Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland, An Endless Sporadic remains unsigned. Their music features metal structure and chord progressions, yet utilizes clean and innovative melodies. Their songs are not predominately heavy, but still offer those with long enough hair an opportunity to do some head-banging. Ff you can’t master “Impulse”, their hit from Guitar Hero III, on expert, I still recommend you give An Endless Sporadic a listen. Even who steer clear of metal might be pleasantly surprised.

An Endless Sporadic MySpace

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3 responses

13 01 2009

I hadn’t come across this band before – and I’m glad I did. Always good to discover new music.

Rockology blog – 500 albums, one year

14 01 2009

Glad you like them. They are a good band.


29 05 2009

They have a new website w/ forums as well as a cd coming out, no details on if hey’re signed but Zack moved across the country to work on it in person so it’s definitly coming out hopefully in a few months.

They are so awesome! 😀

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