Playlistism: A Comprehensive Guide to Making Playlists that Don’t Suck.

14 01 2009

A good playlist is more than just a list of songs slapped together on the go. A good playlist says something, expresses a mood, or even shows some personality. In my experience, there are 3 types of playlists…

-Petty Playlists
-Mood Playlists
-Personal Playlists

Petty playlists are playlists that are designed to satisfy your musical appetite right now. For example, if you’ve just bought a bunch of new music and want to take it for a test drive, you put it in a petty playlist. Mood playlists are the hardest to master, and what I will teach you to make today. And finally, Read the rest of this entry »


Groove to the Melody of Melody

12 01 2009

There is a time and place for relaxing acoustically styled jazz, and Melody has hit the proverbial nail on the head. Featuring female singer, Melody Gardot, Melody matches the seductive quality of other jazz female vocalists such as Norah Jones. If the lighting is dim, Melody adds the perfect touch for dinner, late night studying, or what ever else you might think of. I recommending giving “Goodnite” a listen. It offers a walking bass line enhanced by Gardot’s melodic voice. They’ll be performing in Washington DC in a few days and have the potential to join the major music scene. Hit up their website and you’ll have the opportunity to listen to a few songs simply by loading the website; it’s Flash based. Keep it running in the background while you do some work and let me know what you think. Oh, and try not to fall asleep, it really is relaxing.

Melody’s Website

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9 01 2009

Feeling down? Long day? Tough week? Fear not! We have the solution. 19 songs with flavor, guaranteed to make you feel 100% happier after a long day. Enjoy.

1 – Bruises by Chairlift
2 – You Don’t Know Me by Ben Folds
3 – Glass of Water by Coldplay
4 – Right Me Up by State Radio
5 – Black & Gold by Sam Sparro
6 – Boom Boom Ba by Metisse
7 – I Believe in You by Yacht
8 – Talk by Coldplay
9 – Blackout by Muse
10 – Is This It by The Strokes
11 – Dreaming of You by The Coral
12 – When It’s Over by Sugar Ray
13 – Shiny Magazine by Jet
14 – Today by Smashing Pumpkins
15 – Friday, I’m In Love by Dryden Mitchell
16 – L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole
17 – First Straw by 311
18 – Bones by The Killers
19 – Nice ‘n Easy by Frank Sinatra

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Check Out Full Service

7 01 2009

Full Service, a reggae-fusion-rock-funk-etc. band from Austin, Texas definitely deserves being checked out. They’re growing in the Austin music scene and recently spent some time in Philadelphia writing and recording their new album. From their witty stage names, like Hoagie and Bone Saw, to their eclectic repertoire, Full Service has the potential to become an exceptional band if they continue to keep on rocking.

Full Service MySpace Site

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